{DIY Organizing} From bookcase to shoe shelf

Over the years, my shoe collection has gotten out of control and I had a messy closet with a sea of shoes that I never actually wore and was just hanging on to for no good reason. So this past week I was on a mission to de-clutter my closet and edit my unworn shoe collection. I needed to get rid of the shoes I never wore and keep only those that I treasure, as well as find a much more efficient way of organizing them.

The one piece of furniture in my room that wasn't being put to good use is an Ikea bookshelf that I've had since I was 10 and was filled from top to bottom with magazines all catalogued by date and title. I'm a bit of a organizing freak, in case you haven't caught on yet. I held on to the magazines for years telling myself that I needed them for reference purposes but really I hardly ever looked at any of them. So, I threw all of them in a recycling bin and low and behold there was a perfectly good bookcase that would be a perfect match to store my shoes. I moved the shelves around, stopped by my local Home Depot and picked up a few white shelves, had them cut to size, purchased some new shelf pegs, put it all together, and voila! The perfect shoe shelf.

I ended up throwing out a trash bag full of shoes (actually they are sitting in my garage waiting to be dropped off at my local goodwill). And I arranged the shelves so that every last pair of my shoes would fit. Well almost...

All sandals and flip flops were placed in a basket and Uggs were left out since it's getting colder outside.

So now I have an efficient, easy access shoe shelf that allows me to not only see everything I have for better outfit coordination, but it's a much easier way of getting dressed every day.

*Items Used:

Ikea Billy Bookcase in white- $59.99
Home Depot Shelf Pegs in silver- $1.55 for 8
Home Depot White Shelves (they can cut them to size for you)- $7.55 each
   or, Ikea Billy Bookcase Extra Shelves- $10 each
Target Simply Shabby Chic Wicker Basket- $9.99


  1. such a great idea!! thumbs up!!

  2. ahhh... my man would be so happy if i did This..... awesome.
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  3. Just stumbled on your post. I've been looking for help with this. Are these the pre-made Rubbermaid shelving? I wasn't aware they could be trimmed.



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